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Weston Florida Botox Treatment

Weston Florida Botox Injections

The cosmetic effect of Botox treatments are to reduce and prevent the formation of unsightly age wrinkles by relaxing the various facial muscles.

Weston Florida Botox Treatments

Botox is designed to treat the unsightly wrinkles that are caused by frowning over time, squinting over time and furrowing of the brows over many years. BotoxCosmetic injections relax the muscles of the face, around the eyes, and around the eye brows. OnabotulinumtoxinA injections prevent or reduce the muscles from contracting and causing the different types of facial wrinkles mentioned above. Botox treatments have enabled our patients to enjoy a much smoother and more youthful facial appearance buy reducing these wrinkles. If you are looking for BotoxCosmetic in Weston, we offer injections at just $9.99 per unit.

If you want maximum wrinkle reduction at a great price point, our Weston Florida Botox injections could be the right choice for you. Botox injections are administered in our Weston Florida Medical Spa in just minutes. The Botox injections are not painful (we use a slight numbing medication for comfort). As soon as the Botox is injected into selected facial muscles, it gently paralyzes the surrounding nerves controlling the targeted muscle. The targeted wrinkles and lines disappear, and your face instantly looks younger, smoother and more attractive. The results from our Botox injections usually last three to four months. With so many new products in the market is very difficult to know and choose the right one without the appropriate knowledge. We are licensed and we only use genuine Botox Brand Name injections.

Our staff of Doctors have more than 15 years of anti-aging medicine experience and they will make sure you feel comfortable and look at your best with no downtime. The application of Botox is no longer limited to the upper face, now with the right techniques and experience the following can be treated:

Weston Botox

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Nose (lift)


Marionette lines


Gummy smile


Jowls and jaw lines (Nefertiti)


Upper lip


Smoker lines




Excess sweat on hands and underarms


Even breast lifting!

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